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Laravel voyager – The best free admin package for laravel

Laravel Voyager Introduction

Laravel Voyager is a admin package that facilitate full administration system for Laravel framework. Voyager includes BREAD(CRUD) operations, a media manager, menu builder and much more features.


Voyager provide a system that is called BREAD that means Browse, Read, Edit, Add and Delete. Using this functionality you can easily add any views and functionality to database.

Media Manager

In media manager you can easily manage your photos. You can upload, delete photos here. Media manager uses the image intervention library to manage images.

Database Manager

You can also manage your database from voyager can create, alter, delete tables and also specify a model to create when creating tables.

Menu Builder

Using menu builder you can easily create menus for your site , organize menu in an order and display in front end.

Voyager installation

  1. We will install voyager in a new project of Laravel. So first of all we create a fresh Laravel project.
Composer create-project Laravel/Laravel voyager
  1. After creating a fresh Laravel project we install voyager package. So goto your command prompt/terminal and type following command
     composer require tcg/voyager
  1. Now create a new database and set your credentials in .env file as follows


You should also update your website url inside APP_URL variable inside the .env file

Note : if you are using Laravel 5.4, you will to need to setup the service provider

  1. After setting up the above credentials, we are ready to install voyager. You can install voyager with dummy data or without dummy data.

To install voyager without dummy data simply run the following command

php artisan voyager:install

To install voyager with dummy data run the below given command

php artisan voyager:install --with-dummy

your voyager package will start the download and after the successfully install start your Laravel server php artisan serve and access http://localhost:8000/admin.

You will be redirected to admin login page where you should  login with the following email and password.

password: password

After successfully authentication you will be redirected to your admin panel.

Laravel voyager admin panel


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This was all about Laravel voyager. Laravel voyager is available free cost in github. It provide very great features without cost and it is very easy to install and use. If you want to know more about Laravel voyager you can visit the offcial website
Github documentation is alos avalable at

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