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Laravel 5.6 – What’s new are releasing ?

Laravel 5.6 is ready to release in February 2018. Laravel 5.6 is releases, it is a good news for the lovers of laravel. Every one who work with php, knows about the Laravel. It is a very powerful and popular framework. In last two years, Laravel become the most popular framework. Laravel has a large community of developers, so it releases new features with new versions very soon.

In Laravel 5.6 some things are adding and some things are removing. Here i will mention some important updates in Laravel 5.6.

New Blade Directives Coming to Laravel 5.6

Laravel 5.6 is coming with two new form directives. One for cross side scripting and another for HTTP method input.

In Laravel 5.5 we , to create a hidden csrf field and a spoofed http method, we were write as given below

  {{ csrf_field() }}
  {{ method_field('PUT') }}
  <!-- ... -->

But in Laravel 5.6 we will start as following instead of the above.

  <!-- ... -->

This will help your laravel application to protect against the csrf attacks.Although if you want to submit the form successfully, you must include a hidden csrf filed.

if you are interested to learn more about this feature you can see the following laravel-news post.

and you can also see the source code of this feature here

Laravel 5.6 Will Remove the Artisan Optimize Command

Another change in Laravel 5.6 is that artisan optimize command will be removed. This command is already deprecated in Laravel 5.5 and has removed Laravel 5.5

But you should wait until laravel gives you time to update your build script and composer.json files. Composer.json has no longer reference of optimize command in post-install-cmd and post-update-cmd scripts. It is still define in Laravel 5.5 but does nothing.

Laravel 5.6 optimizec ommand

Single Server Scheduling

Laravel 5.6 is going to introduce a new feature named Single Server Scheduling.Look an example code of scheduling a job.

Laravel 5.6 job scheduling


In the above example inspire command will run in every hour but if the previous job is done with in the hour,this command will not run.

Note: When you are using this feature of laravel you should enable Redis or Memcached cache drivers.These drivers provide the atomicity needed to secure the locks that power this feature.

you can read more about this article in taylor otwell blog in
Single Server Scheduling

codeignier 4 is also going to release in february 2108


Laravel 5.6 is going to release with the above features and release is scheduled to February 2018.  I am really happy and excited to experienced and  use these features. Taylor otwell and all members of development community are really honorable to us. Friends you should give a big hand for them.

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