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Facebook Social plugins for your website

Facebook provides a lot of options to bloggers to integrate their platform to your websites.Facebook has a huge popularity and users. Facebook give you a chance to take the advantage of FB to propagate your business.


Thousands of peoples are staying login with it at a time. You can get a lot of traffic from Facebook to your site using the social plugin platform of it. You can share your product, your blog posts to get more interaction of visitors.

Facebook provide many social plugins that you can implement with your site. To implement these plugins with your own site you have some understanding of coding. Let’s start a quick overview of these plugins

Facebook like Button

Facebook like button is very popular among the bloggers. Any one can join your community by liking your Facebook community page. You can show the peoples who like your page. It can help you to make a trust of people on you.
To add a like button to your blog or website is very simple. Follow the given below steps.

1: Go to developer page  and you will see the following page

Facebook like button plugin

Click on Like button link, you will see the look like the following options


  • URL to Like: Give your facebook page url here
  • Layout: Choose your layout type. By default it is set to standard. I prefer it.
  • Button Size: Select your button size small or Large
  • Width: Set custom width of your plugin
  • Action type: Action type is set to like. it is ok
  • Show Friend’s Faces: If you wan to show the faces of your friends, leave it checked otherwise uncheck it.

Click on Get Code Button and you will see a popup with your page like plugin code

Facebook like button plugin code

If you are a beginner you should choose the IFRAME tab and copy the highlighted code and paste it where you want to show this like button

If you are a developer you can use javaScript SDK tab’s code and paste it into your code.

After pasting this iframe into your code, it will look like the following

facebook like page options


Facebook Share Button

Facebook share button plugin is used to share your blog or website content to facebook.
Similarly you can create a share button

Facebook share button


  • URL to share: write the url which you want to share as a write my website name, you will write your URL here
  • Button Size: Choose you button size as previous
  • Layout: Select layout here. if you  want to display only button you can change it here
  • Mobile Iframe: Check Mobile iframe if yo want.

Now click on get Code Button and a pop up will open, copy iframe code from this and paste it into your desired position of website.

Other Features you can try

Getting started with Bulma


Guys if you not try from one of them Facebook social plugin, you should try into your website because these are the very popular features of Facebook and really can increase the traffic of your website. If you have already used, you can share your experience with us.

If you have any difficulty to integrate these social plugin you can write on comment box, i will help you surely. Keep visiting our blog and subscribe to get the latest updates.


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