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Codeigniter 4 release new features

Codeigniter 4 Overview

Codeigniter 4 that is going to release after few month and Guys i am happy to talk about it . A lot of people were feeling that codeigniter will not survive more time because the lack of update. But it is true that codeigniter is still alive and coming with version 4. CI 4 has a lot of new features like command line interface and better exception handler etc.
Codeigniter has a large community of lovers and this is a big news for those who love it.
A large number of dedicated programmers worked to make a new version of codeignier and finally they will announce the release of stable codeigniter 4.

Why Need Codeigniter 4 ?

Actually when we compare codeigniter with the big and advance frameworks like Laravel and Symfony, codeigniter considered a backward type framework.
So if codeigniter compared with laravel it has small chances to score with developers because other frameworks has better functionality and coding style.
Old versions of codeigniter uses older versions of php and after the release of php 7, it is necessary to use the newer feature of php.
Laravel has released many newer versions like Laravel 5.2, Laravel 5.3, Laravel 5.4 and now Laravel 5.5

Milestone Achievements

According to the forum of codeigniter, significant milestones has been achievd. You Guys can visit Github to see and download it.

You found an documentation from .

Server Requirements

According to documentation of CI 4, following things are required to use CI 4

  • PHP version 7.0.15 or newer is required, with the intl extension installed.
  • MySQL (5.1+) via the MySQLi driver
  • PostgreSQL via the Postgre driver


Manual Installation

Codeigniter 4 is installed manually to download and unzip it.

Composer Installation

After the rewrite codeigniter comes with the CLI Interface and it can be downloaded using composer . If you not familier with composer , for your information i tell you that composer is a dependency manager system that managed your packages and download every time a newer version of package. composer  do it automatically for you. you can download it from here
.You can install CI 4 using create-project command of composer.

composer create-project codeigniter4/framework


  • After the installation index.php placed into public folder in CI 4
  • Change your configuration from Application/config/config.php file and set your application baseURL
  • If you want to set up database you can set up your database settings into application/Config/Database.php file

Codeigniter 4 welcome page

How to remove index.php from url in codeigniter ?

Roadmap of Codeigniter 4

According to the forum of codeigniter, I am listing some advance features that are part of codeigniter 4. BCIT (British Columbia Institute of Technology) developed these features step by step and described as milestones.

Milestone Achievements 1

  • Autoloader (PSR 4)
  • Basic debugging & profiling
  • Config
  • Controllers
  • Database (MYSQL & Portgres)
  • CLI
  • Routing
  • Exception Handling
  • Logging

Milestone Achievements 2

  • Form  Validation
  • Language Localization
  • Image Library
  • Pagination
  • Email
  • Encryption
  • Uploader
  • Caching

Milestone Achievements 3

  • Template Parser
  • Zip
  • FTP
  • Typography


CI 4 is in under development so it is not good to use it for production purpose. You can download the development version to test and install. See the features of CI and analyze that what things are added. The good thing about CI 4 is that it’s user guide has released and you can visit and read its documentation. It is very simple to read and understand. BCIT release soon codeigniter 4 for the production.

You can also read the full road map of codeigniter 4


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